Scope Of Work


1       SEO (search engine optimization) Services

“SEO Ready Package” includes:

  • keyword research for “main landing page”.
  • Targeting of specific keyword.
  • Title Tag optimisation on “main landing page”
  • Image Compression on entire website to optimise load times.
  • Meta Description optimisation.
  • Website performance reports.

2       Social Media Channel Setup

“Social Media Setup” includes:

  • The signup process of a company or brand on a relevant social media channel.
  • The creation of the specific social media channel “page” within its relevant business manager account.
  • Initial inputting of brand identity eg: Logo, header, etc.
  • initial inputting of Business or brand information eg: descriptions, operating times, etc.
  • interlinking of relevant social media channels.
  • Social media management tool.

3       Campaign Setup

“Campaign Setup” includes:

  • The setup and registration of Ad accounts on relevant Advertising channel.
  • Initial Ad creatives.
  • Setup Ad Targeting.
  • Setup campaign structure.
  • Setup of data columns.
  • Setup of end points and lead forms.
  • Setup of Audience lists.

4       Campaign Management

“Campaign Traffic Packages” includes:

  • Management of Ad account.
  • Addition of any new creatives (depending on Ad fatigue).
  • Creative optimisations and changes.
  • Reading of data and optimisation of campaign performance.
  • Data Reports.
  • Setting of Ad and campaign budgets.
  • Implementation of excluded and included audience lists.